Crazy Hair Day to Clean up Our Oceans

This semester we have been looking at ‘Stewardship’ as a topic across the school. This topic has captured the student’s interest with many students horrified with the ramifications of what we as Australians are doing to our world. And then looking at this problem globally.

Two students approached me saying they wanted to do something!!!

They researched and looked at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and were shocked. They wanted to hold a day to raise money for an organisation they were working on this issue and found 4Ocean. They then sent this to our principal.

Dear Mrs. Carr,

Tiffany and I have recently seen the horrible Great Pacific Rubbish Patch! We just thought it was horrible for the earth and the poor suffering sea animals! So we came up with an idea, that we as a team can hopefully make a slight impact on all the rubbish in the ocean. We hope that you can approve of this idea! We would like to hold a CRAZY HAIR DAY!! But you have to bring in a gold coin donation ( it would also be a free dress ). With this money, we will spend it on the 4 ocean bracelets to give to whoever has the best hair. We will be giving one bracelet to a person at each year level! Each time you buy a 4 ocean bracelet that goes into saving our oceans! I will leave a link below so you can check out the website.


Kaitlyn & Tiffany

The principal has approved the day and the bracelets have been brought ready for the day. (you cannot donate money direct, as this program employs women to make the bracelets as the men are pulling the waste out of the water).

I applaud the initiative these two children have come up with. It was a wonderful day with many weird and wonderful hair designs.

Our winners were:

Denver Nixon and Sienna Body

The day raised $***** . We will purchase more bracelets and use them throughout the year. A huge congratulations to Tiffany and Kaitlyn for running a wonderful day.

I think it was a great day. We got to wear crazy hair and help the sea animals.

I feel good that we are helping our oceans.

It was fun wearing crazy hair.

I loved seeing everyone wearing such great hairstyles.

By Year 3/4 students

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