In 2012, St Francis Xavier Primary School was funded by Frankston City Council to work on the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Core Module. We worked with Sue Clowes from CERES to learn, plan and implement for a more sustainable school and future. We then obtained some funding from Sustainability Victoria to complete our Core Module journey and start the Waste Module.

Through the Core Module we have:

  • Entered our baseline data onto the SETS website and are monitoring our water, gas and electricity usage.
  • Written a school based Sustainability Policy.
  • Developed an Action Plan and are continuing to work through this.
  • Dedicated staff meetings for profession development led by CERES facilitator and our Sustainability Coordinator.
  • Developed a My Classes page dedicated to sustainability programs we support and participate in.
  • Implemented a Nude Food Day to decrease waste and encourage healthy eating.
  • Created a Year 6 Sustainability Leadership team.
  • Shared our success with the wider community through our welcome nights and newsletter.
  • Designed a new garden area including kitchen garden and chicken coop.
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