Composting has officially launched at Carlton North Primary School. After our composting workshop (delivered by Morgan from 3000 Acres) students were excited and eager to get started with composting in the classroom.

Each classroom has a compost bin accompanied with signage to assist students in remember what they can and can’t put in the compost. The bins are lined with compostable bin liners to minimise the ‘bin juice’ and red ucing the need to wash out the bins as regularly. Each class has their own Compost Monitors, who are responsible for emptying the classroom bin into our large Maze Compost Tumblers (located in the South West corner of the school along Lee St). These tumblers are also rotated each day by students.

A HUGE thank you to Norm for all of the hard work that he has put in to making our composting system possible. He not only put together the tumblers and layed concrete beneath them as a base, he also built a wall to protect the tumblers from incoming balls on the oval. Thanks so much Norm!

We are hoping that students will take home their knowledge and share it with their families and the wider community to encourage others to undertake composting at home.

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