Ruyton Clothes Swap
This year, the Sustainability committee ventured into a new project, the first ever Ruyton Clothes Swap. The event was aimed at raising awareness about re-using and recycling, with the focus being on making good use of old clothes and accessories.

The Swap involved girls bringing in their no longer wanted and no longer worn clothing and exchanging each piece for a token. On Tuesday lunchtime, girls brought their tokens back to school and swapped them for something someone else had brought in. This was an exciting opportunity for girls to do some op-shopping at school! All the left over clothing was donated to the Salvation Army.

As this was the first time the Sustainability committee held this event, it was very pleasing to see the amount of clothing that was brought in, especially from the Year 12 girls, who did a wonderful job raiding their wardrobes to find something to donate. Hopefully, the event will continue to grow next year and even more girls will participate.

Georgia Pedersen
Sustainability Captain, on behalf of the Students for Sustainability

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