Learning story Clean up Australia Day 2021

We have focussed on reducing our waste and improving our overall waste management at St. Joseph’s. This is part of our goal to lead and educate the community about best waste practice. Waste education is part of our lessons in Environmental Science at every year level but we know that sustainability education extends beyond the classroom. Because of this, we have engaged the community in waste management and environmental stewardship through clean ups and sustainability events, the I Sea I care program, teaching others through Little Kids, Big Ideas and Take 3 for the Sea presentations and organising community recycling schemes.

During 2021 , St Josephs Black Rock participated in a “clean up” Australia Day activity at our local Black Rock Beach.

All the classes from St Josephs and Teachers and community members were contacted and involved in the clean up.

The activity was organised by one of our classroom teachers Hanna Wood with all resources supplied and delivered through https://www.cleanup.org.au/create-a-clean-up

A variety of rubbish was collected by members of our community too who were involved and pictured[see lower right photo above]

Rubbish including coffee cups, old covid disposable masks[posing huge problems with sea life and birds], small plastic pieces, straws and food snack wrappers were collected and disposed of.

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