How long does it take for something to break down?

As inquirers we are tuning in to littering and the consequences of it.

To start the dialogue we made observations about a group of objects. The Year Sixes reflected on an experiment they participated in last year and were able to describe some of the process required for objects to ‘break down.’
The children made predictions about the order and the length of time it takes for an object to break down. It has been interesting to hear them dialogue about the items and their justification for their thinking.
I wonder what your thoughts are…
I wonder what you predict for each of the items….
I wonder how long you think it takes for something to break down/ decompose…

On Friday the Learning Studios will be joining together to help clean up our school grounds. We have registered our site on the Clean Up Schools website. The Sustainability groups I have during the day will be monitoring the amount and type of rubbish collected and documenting our findings. If we continue our current practise habit of having rubbish free lunch boxes then we should have very little to document other than photos of children working collaboratively and giving our school grounds a ‘spruce up’.

If you wish to help your child and their Learning Studio you are welcome to come along from 2.40- 3.20pm. Don’t forget your gloves, hat and water bottle.

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