Chatham Primary School has been steadily working through the Energy Module in 2010. We received a National Solar Schools Program grant in 2009, which resulted in the installation of 12 Solar Panels. These produce a small amount of energy, and we hope to increase the number of panels in the future.

Each class has two Energy Saving Monitors, who are responsible for shutting down computers and turning off lights when not in use.

Staff toilets have movement-sensored lighting, and signs are in place to remind people to turn off lights in rooms that are not in constant use (eg photocopying room).

All rooms underwent a de-lamping and re-lamping process, where lights were removed if the room was too bright (determined by a light meter). Energy efficient lights are used to replace blown lights.

Blinds were installed on west- and east-facing classrooms to minimise radiant heat in summer.

Our biggest challenge has been putting data into SETS, simply because our energy provider has not sent complete bills for over a year (despite much prompting). This has resulted in many headaches and is unresolved at present. Once the issue has been resolved, we can compare our data and continue to reduce our energy consumption.

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