Student led Energy Challenge Studies

Students from St Patrick’s P.S. Gordon and St Michael’s P.S. Springbank in Victoria recently got together to investigate their schools energy usage. This group of high flyers investigated data found on their schools SETs web page. The electricity, gas and water usage of both schools was investigated with the goal of finding ways to reduce our energy usage. The children created tables and graphs which were then presented to individual classrooms. Teams of ‘energy pros’ were set up to create energy signage and to turn off lights and heaters throughout the school. The children also hosted students from visiting Ballarat primary schools as part of a recent ‘Environmental School Bus’ visit. Here each member of the team led different aspects dealing with energy usage at our schools. It was a great experience and allowed the children to teach what they had learnt throughout the previous weeks. Below is a picture of their corridor display, created by members of this energy research group.