Timed to coincide with the mid-year school holidays, we’re returning to Cipanas in Java for our 5th visit, to spend time with our partner organisation YUM and the Cipanas community. Each year we visit with a group of around 8-10 people from our own Australian community, to build friendship and rapport, and learn about life within the Cipanas community.

A highlight of the Cipanas trip has been engagement with teachers from the community. The teachers have told us that they’re interested in the way we engage the students in the village, playing games, holding workshops, running activities. CERES has a range of environmental education materials which we can use in Cipanas, and share with local teachers.

The dates for the trip are June 26th – July 5th. Everyone is welcome to join us in Cipanas, regardless of age or background. For more info, check out the CERES Global webpage, and if you’re keen to come along, contact Ben at global@ceres.org.au

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