CERES Fair Food have started a crowdfunding campaign to support local farmers, asylum seekers & CERES by making it easy for anyone to get Fair Food.

CERES Fair Food imageIn the four years since
CERES Fair Food launched it has become Melbourne’s most popular organic delivery service. Fair Food wants to make a big difference by buying from local farmers and grocery makers, giving crucial first jobs to asylum seekers and sending all our profits to environmental education programs at CERES.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to buy Fair Food. Because the more people we serve the fairer our food system becomes. If we rewire our webshop and logistics with smarter software then we can make buying Fair Food fit more people lives and budgets. And if more people can shop with Fair Food, then

  • we’ll buy more food at fair prices from farmers
  • give more jobs to asylum seekers
  • open more neighbour Food Hosts, and
  • fund CERES to teach more kids to take care of their world.

To find out more and to help CERES Fair Food with their campaign, visit the Fair Food: Rewiring our Food System crowdfunding page.

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