We were very excited about restarting our worm farm at the centre. The farm had been empty for a long time. We purchased a worm starter kit from Bunnings, then prepared and cleaned out our farm. The children then helped place the worms into the farm and feed them with food scraps. The worms have settled in nicely and are feeding well.
Later on in the week the kinder children went for a walk along the river. They spotted lots of natural things like; flowers, trees, insects and a bee hive in an old tree. Unfortunately there were also lots of yucky things that the children pointed out like; rubbish, some spray paint, broken glass and an old tyre. Once we returned to the centre we discussed what we saw and how some of the yucky things can have an impact on our environment. The children then drew a huge picture of the things they each remembered from our walk.
Our toddler room children also created a collage to celebrate world environment day using leaves and other items from our own outdoor environment.

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