The Woorabinda maintenance team became aware of the mysterious leak and set about locating it and then rectifying the expensive problem. The maintenance team developed a track maintenance log which would note any sign of water on tracks.

One of the tracks is named ‘pipeline’ after the pipe running underneath which is also the mains water pipe for Woorabinda.

Whilst doing weekly checks we are looking for any abnormal water leaks that may appear on the pipeline tracks. Things such as water pooling in previously dry spaces, wet soil etc.

By doing this they soon realised that, what was originally thought of as a natural water flow, was actually a hole in the mains-water pipe. Further investigation found it was caused by tree roots rubbing and wearing down the pipes causing the hole.

As soon as this was noted plumbers were called and were able to replace the piping. Our water bills then returned to normal usage.

This incident has now made us more aware to follow up any abnormal water flow on the tracks.

Means of checking now include regular track reports, observing leakage valve on water meter and using the School Water Efficiency Program to closely monitor water usage hour by hour of each day.

We have also included “Power Rangers” into the program at Woorabinda, who check dorms and kitchen/dining area before starting activities each day, to ensure there are no dripping taps or showers and check that all lights are switched off before leaving for a day full of activities.

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