Blue Room – 3 year olds

Here we are making our rain catchers to place in the tree
Children decided which part of the tree to put their catchers
Then we waited!! Today we found water in some of our water catchers

What did we learn?

Blue room have been discussing ways to save water, why it’s important to save water and how saving water is one way we can care for our planet.

Children were challenged to come up with a design that would catch water. We loved seeing how the children responded to the challenge, showing great creativity, engineering and perseverance. Some children enjoyed working as a team and others were more comfortable working alone.

We checked our catchers on several occasions and finally today…success!! Well not all the catchers had water but this led to a great discussion about what makes the best rain catcher, namely the bigger containers.

We then tested our water for drinking using the PH strips and discussed if we could drink any of them.

We hope these discussions begin to contribute to children’s understanding of our beautiful planet and how we can all contribute to protecting it no matter how big or small we are.

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