Earlier this year our school was incredibly fortunate to get 96 brand new solar panels installed on the roof of our hall. This is largely thanks to our project partners, The Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) and Urban Renewables.

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On Monday the 26th of October, in place of our regular Monday Morning assembly, we held a Solar Celebration. This was an opportunity for us as a community to celebrate and acknowledge the positive effects the solar panels will have on the environment and our sustainability goals.

Our celebration was kicked off by our Nature Warriors, whose job it is to promote and reinforce sustainability within the school. They started by sharing a power point presentation about the positive effects of the solar pIMG_4902 IMG_4898 anels.

We were also joined by some special guests who were a huge part of the process. Lucy, from the MEFL, came to speak about the role the foundation played in the process and how they are involved in the local community. Adrian, from Urban Renewables, spoke about the installation process and the solar panels potential. However the crowd favourite was Sunny the Solar Bear, who was dishing out laughs and high fives.

We concluded our celebration by having every student hold up a cardboard sun that they had made in preparation for the event.


Here are some quick facts about our Solar Panels:

  • 25 kW system
  • Equivalent to powering 8 homes
  • Each day equivalent of planting three trees
  • Each student uses almost the same energy at school as they do at home.
  • 25 to 30 % of schools energy usage on average
  • So far we have saved 2500 black balloons
  • Partners: MEFL. Urban Renewables.
  • Funders: State Government / Sustainability Victoria
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