It has been an exciting year for St John’s Primary School, Clifton Hill, as the students and teachers have really taken on the challenge of creating a culture of sustainability across the school.

One of the first actions of the year was to elect the school’s first-ever environment captain, Thomas B, to lead the Green Team and foster a student ‘voice’. In line with our focus on biodiversity in the second year of the five-star Resource Smart Awards program, Thomas and the Green Team got straight down to business brainstorming ways they could improve the biodiversity of the school’s small, inner city (and largely hard-surfaced) environment. One budding birdwatcher proposed building bird boxes as a way to encourage more birds to visit and nest in the school grounds. The students researched indigenous bird species and had a go at drawing their own, often wildly creative, bird box designs. Click here to find out how we got on.

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