• The school runs a worm farm, does composting and a Plant & Animal Program. This involves all children growing and caring for plants and animals (Chooks & rabbits), recycling food scrapes, collecting compost for reuse. Classes are timetabled to feed the chooks/rabbits, collect mulch and clean the shed.
  • The school currently raises money from eggs we sell which goes back into the program. Vegetables grown are used also used by the school in class cooking programs. One class even held a Cook Off based on the TV program “Master Chef”.
  • We had a large worm farm constructed by TAFE students (6×1.5m) which should in time sustain our vegetable garden. This replaced the small venture that was previously in use. It hoped that in the future we will collect “Worm Juice” and droppings to reuse on our gardens &/or even sell it!
  • We are currently working with Latrobe City to further establish our worm Farm with the hope that it will be a model for other schools to imitate.
  • The School has received funding through Building Education Revolution funds to enable some landscaping which will not only beautify the school but also encourage bio-diverse growth. A local contractor to work with children and parents on the development of a whole school bio-diversity plan which will;
– protect mature and local species
– allow for the planting of drought tolerant plants
– control weeds and pests.
  • In the future it is also proposed that specific habitats will be developed such as a frog bog, sensory gardens, wildlife corridors, ‘wildscapes’, nest boxes & butterfly gardens in the future
  • Integrated Units have been developed and studied in class focussing on “Bio-diversity”. Some of these activities included:
– “food chain”/ unit of work
– One grade investigated different environmental needs for different living things including ponds, forests and oceans
– One class did individual projects on ‘What Conditions do Living Things Need To Survive?’
– One class made their own worm farm using the ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ guidelines. Much excitement was expressed at the thought of a frogbog and sensory garden, quiet place and vegetable plot!
– We introduced safety equipment – goggles and gloves for all children to use when maintaining the chook shed
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