In 2019, we have been focussing on completing the biodiversity module, and have been working towards achieving our 4 star. The school has always had a strong focus on biodiversity as it is a great topic for engaging our students through visual stimulus and touch. Students participate in weekly sustainability classes throughout the year and in Term 2 the focus is on biodiversity. The students learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, a plant and a worm through hands on activities. The students grow their own plants in class, we have a worm farm where they can see the life cycle of a worm and stick insects.

The school yard was landscape designed back in 2015 when the new early learning centre was built and now includes many native trees and shrubs. Deciduous trees have been planted on the west side of buildings to provide shade in the summer. Each classroom has its own private garden area with a vegetable garden, birdbath, fruit trees and sandpit with rocks and logs.

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