Students at HHPS have become Water wise wizards by taking the water saving pledge. They have proudly become super heroes fighting the war on wasting water. By not only modelling water wise behaviors: like turning off the tap when brushing their teeth, and taking 2-3 minute showers, students have become respected Hero’s in saving as much of our water resources as they can. These superheroes are not only taking those ideas and values home to their parents but also to their wider community. Here’s what some students had to say about saving and using water.

Hailey~ When I go swimming on Wednesday, I saw a kid who left the tap on after washing her hands so I told her DON’T WASTE A DROP! Wasting water is not Cool! Water wizards to the rescue!

Isabella ~ I’ve told my baby brother who loves splashing in the bath / shower he needs to be a water wizard to save Every Drop!

Max~ I make sure my parents only use a bucket when my dad washes his car!

Yerrick~ I make sure my whole family saves as much water as they can, by collecting rainwater to water my garden and wash my pets.

They’re out there to save every drop of precious water they can find. In a blink of an eye they turn off taps and collect water from the rain, chanting the motto “DON’T waste a drop!!”

Students have discovered that H2O is used to help all living things grow. For Careers day students not only dressed the part as adults, but they learnt that certain jobs and careers use water every day from hairdressers, to athletes, to gardeners and firefighters. Students were so inquisitive about careers using water they even asked Brett our school’s maintenance worker what does he do when a pipe is leaking – how does he fix it? And where does all the water go from the roof? Can we collect it and save it?!

Around our school these magic ways to reduce our water can already be seen in the toilets and on every tap where special valves slow the flow of water and new dual flush toilets reduce unnecessary water wastage, Aquabubblers, and replacement of old leaking pipes are magically repaired by our Super Hero Brett!

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