Kings Park Primary School has a long history associated with reducing waste and our impact on the Earth. In 2008, we began the journey towards becoming an accredited Sustainable Schoolthrough AuSSi (Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative). We have almost attained our core module and will begin the Biodiversity, Water, Waste and Energy modules soon after. Sustainability is embedded into our inquiry throughlines document which runs through prep to year 6. Kings Park Primary believes that we all have a responsibility to look after our Earth. At the end of year 6, things like deciding which bucket our waste goes into should become second nature.

Since 2002 we have achieved the following in waste:
Regular Rubbish Free Lunches (Including regional winners in 03, 04)
A system of 3 bins in every classroom which are colour coded.
The bins are; red for landfill, yellow for mixed recyclables and green for organic. We have a fantastic relationship with our council and they pick up our mixed recyclables every fortnight.
Compost system for the school.
Each classroom has an environmental coordinator who empties their organic bins into the school main compost.
We also have a worm farm up and running.
No power for an hour. All the schools power was turned off last year in a bid to raise awareness about the need to save energy.
A waste audit is conducted each term by our environmental heroes and documented. Our school also participates in the annual “Clean Up Australia Day” activity. An online program called “SETS” is used to track our general waste and paper copy usage each year.
We also use recycled paper and our printer toners are also recycled.
Year 2 study into waste
During the year 2 inquiry topic Life Cycles the students investigated the question of: How do living things depend on each other and the environment? Subsequently, they began exploring different minibeasts and their relationship with the environment. Students undertook a webquest in which they had to research various insect and present that information to the class.
Here is an example of a PowerPoint presentation on bees.
Afterwards, students presented information to others about what they had learnt.
Throughhout this, all year 2 students worked in our garden learning hands on valuable information about minibeasts.
From there, the students were really passionate about wanting to do something at the school – and the worm farm was born. Since, its inception in late November all of our compost has been enjoyed by our wonderful worms.
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