In 2011, Al-Taqwa College established a staff committee to evaluate and develop the school’s sustainability program. The school also undertook the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Core Module with CERES facilitation as part of the Wyndham City Council Funding program.

Al-Taqwa College has four inquiry units per year for every year level. The units of inquiry are continuing to be developed to include hands-on learning and sustainability themes. This project is also being brought forward with a whole school approach through maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, focusing on waste management. With the upcoming National Curriculum, Al-Taqwa will adapt its units accordingly.

Al-Taqwa adopts water saving strategies which include water saving drink taps, synthetic turf, half and full flush toilets and a consistent toilet monitoring program. The school has water tanks which help flush our toilets that also reduce our mains water. In addition students are also encouraged to bring their own water bottles to school.

In 2011, there was a particular focus on waste at the school. Students are encouraged to reduce their lunch waste in the yard by eating in the classroom and disposing of their rubbish in their bins. To further reduce waste in our school, Al-Taqwa has a Golden star and golden broom program to reward students for displaying cleanliness. Fines were also introduced this year to discourage littering.

In 2011, Al-Taqwa teachers and students are encouraged to switch off lights, heaters, air-conditioners, and computers when they are not in use. Through the school transport service a considerable number of students are travelling on the 17 school buses provided. In 2012 we hope to install sensor lights and continue to audit the schools energy usage to reduce total consumption.

Al-Taqwa’s Olive Branch Campus provides horticulture courses for the students to teach them about biodiversity involving activities like planting trees, vegetables and organic gardening plants. There is also composting for garden waste to fertilise the soil and green houses as part of the program. In 2012, Al-Taqwa also plans to get students involved in the “Farm care” program as well as go on excursions to Ceres as part of the whole school approach to biodiversity.

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