EnviroFriends worked alongside the Darebin Creek Management Committee in a range of activities undertaken to assess the health and stewardship of the Darebin Creek and surrounding bushland. Students became real life scientists by investigating the waterway’s health. They measured temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity and turbidity using scientific testing equipment. Aquatic macro-invertebrates or “water bugs” are animals such as dragonfly larvae, water boatmen, worms, freshwater shrimps and yabbies that live in our rivers and creeks. They play a vital role in the food chain of rivers and creeks, providing food to important species such as native fish, frogs and platypus. The type and number of bugs identified gave the students clues about how healthy the creek is. Students constructed bird boxes as well as an insect hotel to provide a secure habitat. EnviroFriends did a litter clean up, which highlighted the fact that large amounts of rubbish makes its way from our local streets and school into our creeks and rivers (and oceans!). Chip packets and zip lock bags were the main two items collected from the creek clean up. Families are encouraged to pack a litter-free lunch to reduce the amount of litter ending up in our local creek.

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