From little things BIG things GROW……

Much has been achieved since the beginnings of the Green Team a few years ago when some enthusiastic teachers, parents, carers and some of the Enviro Club Environment Leaders of the Future (E.L.F‟s) got together. The central themes? Wanting to take action on issues of sustainability: to bring about some changes in the school environment, both in the curriculum and in the physical surroundings; developing a greater awareness of ways in which the school as a community could reduce its carbon footprint. Projects have included a school-wide energy audit; the Twilight Picnics: installation of the solar PV panels; the rejuvenation of the area now known as the “Habitat Haven”; developing links with CERES with the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic program, working towards becoming a 5-star sustainable school…

How do I feel about being a parent on the Green Team? As well as getting to know some of the teachers and other parents, it‟s fantastic to be a part of changes that have happened in the school, knowing that there is common purpose within the Team and that there are parts for everyone to play. People are willing to share their knowledge and expertise to get things done. It‟s great that everyone draws together to utilise individual skills, and so we benefit from others‟ strengths and knowledge. There‟s a sense of being active and making some positive changes to the school environment, both for the current students and for those who will attend in the future. Often, in our busy lives, there seems little time available for any “extras”, but it doesn‟t involve a huge time commitment, and the rewards of working together as a team are big. Advice is sought and given, expertise shared. Much is sorted out by email.

Some projects have been relatively easy; others require more input but the benefits from these should go on for years… the school-wide energy audit; the PV panels and the Habitat Haven being amongst them. Many families seem to enjoy coming along to the Earth Hour picnics, a relatively low-key event but one that brings the school community together, allowing a more relaxed space to catch up with friends, and to make new friends. We have been fortunate in having the support of the school‟s leaders, which is a major advantage. The teachers involved do a terrific job, done with passion and commitment.

There seems to be much use of the word “grow” nowadays. “Grow” the economy, “grow” your business, “grow” your bank balance… This is not a journey that has a destination, as there is always more that can be done. Don‟t be disheartened…be active!! Come along for the ride!

Parent Representative, Green Team

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