At North Fitzroy Primary School we have worked as a community to become a more environmentally friendly school. Participating in the Sustainable Schools Program has ensured that we¹ve had access to a network of schools and community groups to further educate staff and students and also the community as a whole. Now that we are Five Star Accredited we feel committed to continuing to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and furthering our knowledge about sustainability issues.

We are proud of …

* Developing the NFPS Environment Policy
* Gaining accreditation as a Waste Wise school
* Becoming Five Star Accredited as a Sustainable School
* Implementing a rubbish free lunch culture throughout the school
* Buying worm farms for composting organic waste
* Having a vegie patch used for canteen cooking/ lunches
* Planting a Rainforest garden in the school grounds
* Implementing an EYT (extend your talents) Green Team
* Students regularly report on environmental issues in the school newsletter
* Participating in Schools Tree Day
* Participating in Schools Clean Up Day
* Participating in Ride to Work Day and Walk Safely to School Day
* Receiving a grant for two Rain Gardens and students planted them out
* Developing a Sustainability curriculum scope and sequence
* Recycling at our school fete
* Joining the Water Learn it Live it program
* Implementing buckets under water bubblers to avoid wasting water
* Installing 75 flow restrictors in toilets
* Placing Recycle/Reuse bins in every work space
* Developing Rich tasks based on sustainability issues
* Regularly mulching school garden beds
* Having community working bees
* Students participating in planting within the school
* Professional development for whole staff on sustainability issues
* Emailing of NFPS newsletters to families and staff
* Initiating ‘Work for Water Week’ to assist communities in third world countries
* Implementing changes that were recommended by water and energy audits
* Joining the SWEP Program
* Implementing a parent sustainability survey
* Implemented the ELF Program (Environmental Leaders of the Future)
* Taking part in the Rain Gardens in Schools Project
* Joining SETS (schools environment tracking system) online account to monitor gas and electricity usage
* Starting a Garden Club for students at lunch time- Merri Management
Committee attended for weed identification
* Tree Planting Day 2007- planted 500 plants!

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