2012 Sandringham House Environment Report

Sandy House has continued its dedication to protecting the environment in

2012. This year we have been doing some environmental outreach with lots

of kids getting more actively involved with the Bayside Environment

Friends Network and participating in Bayside EnviroKids events, like frog

counting in local parks and tree planting at Black Rock.

We held a special Environment Week at school from 21-24 August with a

jam-packed week of fun environment activities. We ran a special screening

of the movie ‘The Lorax’ which lots of kids enjoyed. We set

up a special environmental scavenger hunt with prizes for finding things

in the playground, cleaning up rubbish, and doing environmental research.

Ms Yeh also set up a campaign to organize proper recycling of batteries

through the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation.

We have also been working hard to improve our sustainability rating, with

a big focus this year on waste management. Everyone has been making good

use of all the new different coloured bins we put around the school

earlier in the year, and making sure they separate their paper, organic

waste and recyclables from the rubbish that will go into landfill.

We have had a big focus on ‘Nude Food’ this year, asking all families to

try and reduce waste from packaging and to bring in lunches and

snacks in reusable containers. The Environment Captains of each year level

have been doing ‘trash counts’ and we are impressed that people are trying

to make sure that their lunches are healthy for the environment as well as

for their bodies. We held a poster competition to promote nude food with

several winners, and congratulations to Class 3B who won some plants and a

special trophy for their great commitment to Nude Food lunches during

environment week.

The veggie patch is also going strong, with lots of help from the class

Environment Captains and some very generous parents. This spring we are

running a fun tomato growing competition for each class, so you might see

some kids down there, whispering to their plant to grow bigger.

So a big thanks to everyone at Sandy House for continuing to look after

the environment and helping to protect our future!

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