In 2010, Leibler Yavneh College’s Junior School dedicated its curriculum and professional development focus to evaluate and develop the school’s sustainability program. The Student Representative Council (SRC) also dedicated itself to undertake the implementation, communication and evaluation of the school’s sustainability program. The school also undertook the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Core Module with CERES facilitation as part of the Pratt Foundation grant for Glen Eira Council.

Leibler Yavneh College has four inquiry units per year for every year level. The units of inquiry are continuing to be developed to include hands-on learning and sustainability themes. Projects link in with home and community in order to foster sustainable behaviours in the wider community. With the upcoming National Curriculum, Leibler Yavneh will adapt its units accordingly.

The following initiatives have been put into place to reduce water consumption:
Water efficient taps
Toilet locks
2 water tanks purchased
Changed taps in bathrooms to make easier to turn on and off
Laying down of artificial turf
Bubbler taps water streams reduced
Learning about water
Water Festival in Year 2
Children bringing water bottles to school

In 2010, there was a particular focus on waste at the school. Nude Food was introduced to Preps from the beginning of the year. Students were encouraged to reduce their lunch waste and it is hoped that this program will be carried over for 2011. Leibler Yavneh had CERES Environment Park Incursion Program visits as part of a whole school education event about waste. The school also recycles its paper and there are paper bins in every classroom.

The following initiatives have been put into place to reduce waste:
Monitors empty recycle bins weekly
Recycling bins placed across the school
Reuse paper from recycling bins
Signs to stop wasting toilet paper
Second hand book sale created
Student audits conducted
Stopped printing newsletters
Blog and electronic communications used

In 2010, Leibler Yavneh introduced an award for the most sustainable class. Classes are judged on their energy use including lighting, heating and air-conditioning and computer use. Some classrooms also have energy monitors to help with energy reduction in classrooms. To reduce the school’s carbon footprint, ‘Walk to School Day” and “The Walking School Bus” has been successfully running for 3 years and rewards students who walk to school.

Leibler Yavneh has a vegetable patch and we aim to include a Colonial herb garden in the Y1/2 playground in 2011 to teach students about the value of using land for food. There are trees planted around the school. We aim to include composting in future years to fertilise the soil. The school plants are drought tolerant plants. School wide communication is largely via email rather than paper.

Leiber Yavneh has a whole-school approach to sustainability. Parents are involved via the newsletter tips and Nude Food Program. The school is part of the Green Urban Better School teacher network in Glen Eira. Students are involved formally through classroom monitors and the vegetable garden program.

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