100 things Point Cook College did to help the Planet in 2012 Education for Sustainabilty at PCC- In , About and For the Envrionment. 1. Reduced our whole school greenhouse gas emissions in kgs per person from 2011 to 2012. 2. Reduced our whole school gas emissions from 2011 to 2012. 3. Celebrated “World Environment Day” with whole school activities. 4. Signed a whole school pledge to help reduce our Energy for frogs. 5. Year 8s wrote to politicians about the plight of frogs. 6. Recycled mobile phones for Werribee Zoo to help the plight of gorillas. 7. Recycled school printer cartridges. 8. Paper cut set up to reduce printing. 9. I- pad program year 7 reduced paper use. 10. Year 8s and Year 4s attended Kids teaching Kids conference “Education for Sustainability on our wetland”. 11. Rubbish reduction days started up again Wednesdays- green gang waste team. 12. Year 2s created a habitat garden as a habitat corridor to our school wetlands. 13. Put up nesting boxes to attract birds. 14. Participated in National Tree Planting Day- Year 8s and Preps. 15. Participated In Clean Up Australia Day 16. Bicycle Victoria’s Ride to work day – Staff- more staff got on board than in 2011. 17. Layer up days for school- 3 days over August for Energy reduction plan. 18. Ride/ walk to school for whole school community- Energy reduction action plan. 19.Carbon tax was taught to Year 9s. 20. Education for Sustainability taught in Inquiry Curriculum. 21. Year 6s had first Carbon Management webinar on Life Cycle Analysis to share energy reduction knowledge. 22. Accredited for Biodiversity module as a Resourcesmart AuSSIVic school. 23. PD for staff at the Werribee Zoo to start our “switch off for frogs campaign.” 24. Year 9s helped the quolls at Mt Rothwell and learnt “conservation of land management” skills. 25. Year 1s collected food scraps for compost for their unit on waste. 26. Conserve sockets were bought to charge I-Pads. 27. Home Room Energy reduction plans were put in place. 28. Kwai from Werribee zoo came out to visit Year 3s to talk about Frogs. 29. Year 1s and 2s kept Energy Frog journals for awareness on Energy. 30. Partnership with Birdlife Australia Shorebirds 2020 program for year 5s. 31. Environment focussed camp- year 5s. 32. Staff presented PD to Teachers Environment Network on education for Sustainability. 33. Green Gang Energy recorded heating and lighting data. 34. Behaviour change around sustainability evidently happening- bills data. 35 .Nature story telling space created in Environmental Science Room for year 1s, 2s and ESL. 36. Iramoo Volcanic dreaming mural shared for Year 5 Inquiry. 37. Volunteer parents helped create habitat garden. 38. Olympics food tasting event – kids bought own cutlery. 39. Wetlands care and maintenance and education- year 4s and Year 9s. Year 4 Inquiry wetlands. 40. Reduced our whole school’s carbon footprint – as seen in bills data. 41. Staff sustainability Action team got heaps done. 42. Beautiful Stephanie Alexander Food garden for our school community. 43. Hands on with school lizards- year 4B cared for. 44. Bird watching at local waterways- Year 5s Jamieson way 45. Green Gang ran campaigns and events throughout year. 46. Raised money for growling grass frogs- Green Gang Biodiversity 47. Year 8s got letters back from Politicians on Growling Grass Frogs. 48. Partnership Werribee Zoo enriched Biodiversity Education opportunities. 49. New partnership Mt Rothwell- Biodiversity Education Centre. 50. Entered Sustainability Victoria’s sustainability awards to celebrate and acknowledge schools achievements in Sustainability. 51. Applied to Sustainability Victoria for three star school Accreditation as recognition for schools achievements in Sustainability Education. 52. Tracked our Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste all year to get data on our school’s carbon footprint. 53. Home rooms stuck to heating and cooling regimes. 54. Paper ordering down on 2011 as relayed from Sarah B. 55. SMT tool introduced- could lead to paper free report process. 56. Online newsletter available. 57. ART program using recycled materials and IT parts for art program. 58. Evaluated whole school sustainability and put in whole school suggestions for 2013. 59 .Reducing paper use through re- using. 60. Energy monitors in rooms. 61. Students and staff wrote and published poetry on frogs to share feelings on their plight. 62. Designed gardens for empty garden spaces. 63. Partnership with Greening Australia to improve grounds and Biodiversity. 64. Great Egret, white faced heron and pacific black duck visited our wetlands- we provide habitat for wetlands birds. 65. Year 1s visited Barwon waste education centre. 66. Action plans for issues in local ecosystems. 67. Stick insects raised in rooms. 68. Plants in classrooms- bringing nature inside. 68. Weaving with natural materials/ grasses in art. 69. Year 4s studied and created models and projects ion wetland creatures. 69. Students wrote to toy companies about packaging waste. 70. Students received letters back from major toy company regarding packaging. 71. Investigations and action plans on waste developed. 72. Whole school environment action plans (SEMP) on waste were written by SAT. 73. Whole school environment action plans on Energy were written by SAT 74. Whole school environment action plans on Biodiversity were written by SAT. 75. Student wrote to local companies about becoming a Greener Business. 76. Plants were brought into classrooms for sensory experiences. 77. Year 4s conducted biodiversity audits in macro invertebrates of the school wetlands. 78. Sustainability monitors were assigned in homerooms. 79. Many staff car pooled to work. 80. Some staff chose to ride to work regularly. 81. Fresh produce was used for cooking in the SAKG. 82. Parents volunteered to help in the SAKG 83. Peter Davey Toyota- donated plants to school to increase Biodiveristy. 84. Bunning’s donated to our SAKG program. 85. Year 3s created a movie documentary to share their learning’s on frogs. 86. Year 7s shared their leanings on frogs with year 4s. 87. Year 5s shared their “Environmental Issues of Ecosystems stories” with year 2s 88. Year 5s became keen birdwatchers- “twitchers”. 89. Less paper was ordered for photocopying as the year went on. 90. Year 3s learnt about conservation of species. 91. Year 1s learnt about our wetlands as a habitat and the sun as a source of Energy. 92. Set an Intensity target to track our scope 2 electricity emissions. 93.Preps learn about different habitats of our planet. 94. Pre –service teachers learnt about Education for Sustainability at PCC. 95. Werribee Zoo worked with Year 3s on play space and school gardens. 96. Year 2s learnt about pre historic plants and animals. 97. Children connected with nature for learning in our SAKG food garden, wetland, Werribee Zoo, Jawbone Reserve, Point Cook Coastal reserve, Mt Rothwell and Queenscliff. 98. Our eating inside only policy helped minimise litter in the yard. 99. Our Principal and leadership support whole school Sustainability. 100. Glenn our new OSSA has helped with making infrastructure processes around school more “Green”.

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