Traditional Wood Spoon Carving

Learn the traditional craft of carving your own beautiful kitchen utensils.

Wooden spoons


Sun 5th Mar or
10am – 4pm

Sat 22nd Apr or
10am – 4pm

Sun 28th May or
10am – 4pm

Sun 25th Jun or
10am – 4pm

Sat 2nd Sep or
10am – 4pm

Sun 15th Oct or
10am – 4pm

Sun 26th Nov or
10am – 4pm

CERES Brunswick, corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East, Victoria

Concession available

Join industrial designer and spoon carver, Alma Arriaga, for a hands-on day of carving your own beautiful kitchen utensils using specialised carving knives and your hands. Carve spoons, butter spreaders, spatulas or spurtles from a piece of wood using traditional skills and experience the blissful feeling of whittling away the hours at an unhurried pace.

Everyone starts with a piece of sustainably sourced native timber and is guided through the stages of selecting your timber, designing your utensils and knife work, to ending up with a utensil or two of your own to take home.

The workshop is suitable for adults (16+). All skill levels are welcome, no experience needed.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • An age-old craft and discover the sense of meditation and slowness to be found in whittling life’s essential objects.
  • About sourcing sustainable materials, the basics of traditional tool use, and how to safely turn a log into your favourite wooden utensil.

Alma Arriaga is an industrial designer and a spoon carving trainer specialising in handmade timber projects. She founded Decoteca in 2014, in Monterrey, Mexico, which is a design studio that gave her a space to create her own timber pieces, encouraged local talent and opened a platform to promote new design ideas. Since then, Alma has been involved in a vast array of projects that include handmade pieces and diverse wood carving projects.

Alma is currently making furniture, carving spoons and other timber objects in her workshop in Melbourne, Australia. More than ever before, she is eager to share her knowledge and experience with any timber enthusiasts out there.

What will I learn?

  • The skills required to carve and finish your own wooden kitchen utensils
  • Correct usage of hand tools
  • Gain the knowledge required to select sustainable wood that is suitable for carving

What will I take home?

  • Take home your own one-of-a-kind hand-made object that will last a lifetime

What should I wear?

Casual, comfortable clothes, ensure enclosed shoes are worn.

Terms and conditions

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