Towards Zero Waste – Incursion

Hosted by our expert educators, students will understand landfill as a problem that contributes to pollution and waste: a take-make-dispose model.

e-Waste computer parts are piled high

Program details

Year Level
Years 3-10

$240 / 45 minute session
+ booking fee
(minimum of three sessions per day)

Through identifying different waste materials, their long lasting effects on our environment, and the bins they belong in, students will develop skills to apply the “6 R’s” in their school community to move towards zero waste and resource recovery.

Key questions for students to consider:

F-2: How does waste contribute to pollution? What does ‘Zero Waste’ mean? How do the 6R’s help us take care of the planet and people?

Y3-6: How does waste contribute to climate change? How can we turn waste into a valuable resource? How does moving toward zero waste benefit the well-being of the planet and people?

Through this interactive incursion your students will:

Years F – 6

  • Build knowledge
    • Students will discover why landfill, waste and pollution are problems for people and our planet and ways to move towards zero waste
  • Foster connection
    • Students will connect to Earths’ natural resources and natures’ cycles through nature connection exercises to inspire ideas and actions to move towards zero waste
  • Action & Skills
    • Students will learn new skills to guide them towards zero waste at school/home
      • Conduct a waste and material auditing
      • Sort materials and identify which bins the belong in
      • Turn waste into a valuable resource by means of the 6 R’s Dance

You’ll receive a school teacher guide, including instructions for optional activities to do before and after the CERES incursion to get your students thinking, discussing and actively contributing to a world that is environmentally sustainable for all living creatures.

Years F-6

  • Students understand waste as a problem that needs to be avoided to address pollution and natural resource use
  • Students will learn ways to avoid waste and respect the earths’ natural resources through natures’ cycles & the 6 Rs

This program links to curriculum areas of:
Science, Geography, Design & Technologies, Civics & Citizenship

Monday -Friday during term time.

For weekend and school holiday bookings please contact us.

Use the activities in the Teaching Guide below to spark students’ curiosity before our visit and add value to your experience with CERES. It’s also designed to deepen students’ learning back at school.

Foundation to Year 2 Teaching Guide
Years 3 to 6 Teaching Guide
Years 7 to 10 Teaching Guide * coming soon

Watch the following video to understand what CERES is all about and to get you and your students excited about our visit!

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