Sensory Gardens and Sensory Trails (Online and on-demand course)

Learn about sensory gardens and sensory trails in this online and on-demand course.

A hand moves through a field of lavender as the sun sets.

Course details

From $60 | 4-5 hours

This course is expected to take four to five hours of self-directed learning to complete. Begin at any time and get 90 days of access.

Interested in sensory gardens and sensory trails?

This online and on-demand course will get you growing your knowledge on these types of gardens and trails. This course will introduce you to your five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. You will learn how these senses can be engaged in a garden or trail, and how you can design towards these sensory experiences. You will also learn about other key design points that need to be taken into consideration in making a sensory garden or sensory trails.

You can explore all the learning content at your own pace, and have access to all the content for 90 days from your enrolment into the course.

Here are the chapter titles and page titles for this course.

  1. Welcome Seedling
    • Welcome and Introduction
  2. Sensory Gardens and Sensory Trails
    • Sensory Gardens and Sensory Trails
  3. The Senses
    • The Senses
    • Sight
    • Smell
    • Hearing
    • Taste
    • Touch
    • Senses in Your Space
  4. Designing for the Senses
    • Designing for the Senses
    • Some Key Design Points
    • Plants…Plants…PLANTS!
    • Start Your Design
  5. Benefits of a Sensory Garden and a Sensory Trail
    • Benefits of a Sensory Garden and a Sensory Trail
  6. Fare Well Seedling
    • Seedling Resources
    • Fare Well Seedling…Till Next Time!

Our ‘seedling’ course (called a seedling as it is just the beginning of your learning and will grow into so much more) is a fully online self-directed learning course where you proceed through the learning content at your own pace with no requirements of a set time to participate in real-time activities or any due dates for activities.

What will I get?

  • A free account on our learning platform, Thinkific
  • Access to any free courses, such as ‘Introducing the Online Learning Platform – Thinkific’
  • 90 days access to any purchased seedling courses from purchase date
  • Certificate of participation for any 100% completed courses
  • Access to our community forums on Thinkific, such as ‘CERES Learning and Thinkific Help and Support’ and ‘CERES School of Nature and Climate Learner Community’

Terms and conditions

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