Resource Auditing Energy Curriculum Activity

Suitable for Primary/Secondary (Years 4-10)

90 minutes (minimum)

CERES offers a student assisted energy auditing program suitable for students from Level 4 to 10. The auditing process allows students to investigate how energy is being used at the school and identify where action can be taken to reduce energy use. Students are supported to assess and report their findings and engage in collaborative planning to increase energy conservation.


  • Tuning in activity for students
  • Presentation including key content, images and questions
  • Hands-on energy auditing experience using lux meters and thermometers
  • Energy auditing template
  • Collaborative action planning template
  • Opportunities for extension, support and assessment

Links to the Victorian Curriculum:
This task explicitly addresses Science, Mathematics and English learning areas.

Links to ResourceSmart Schools:
The energy audit is a compulsory component of the ResourceSmart Energy Module and clearly addresses Action A1.1. Students’ action plans can be collated and used to inform the school’s energy reduction plan for Action A2.1 and embedded in the School Environment Management Plan for Action A2.2. Opportunities for students to share their findings from the energy audit also address Action C1.1.

Energy Audit Students

If your school is interested in booking an assisted energy audit with a CERES Educator, please complete our bookings request form.

If you have any questions, contact us at or (03) 9389 0133.

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