Outdoor Classroom (Online and on-demand workshop)

Educators, gain the knowledge and skills to implement an outdoor classroom in your school.

Workshop details

$45 | One-hour workshop

Learn the important elements of learning outdoors in this one-hour, 30 days of access, online and on-demand workshop.

Does your school have classes outside? Do you want to move a class outdoors? This online and on demand professional development will provide an introduction to learning outdoors and how you can use the benefits of learning outdoors to improve student wellbeing. It will look at how to put outdoor learning into practice within your school context.

This online and on demand workshop is expected to take an hour and is packed with information, activities and examples, that you will proceed through at your own pace and time.

Note: This workshop is for the professional learning and development of educators. However, those with similar roles or interests may find value in this workshop.

Here are the chapter titles for this workshop.

  • Welcome
    1. What is Outdoor Learning
    2. Benefits of Outdoor Learning
    3. Why we should embrace Outdoor Learning
    4. Putting into Practice
  • Wrap Up

Our online and on demand workshop is a fully online self-directed learning workshop where you proceed through the learning content at your own pace with no requirements of a set time to participate in real-time activities or any due dates for activities.

What you will get

  • A free account on our learning platform, Thinkific
  • Access to any free courses, such as ‘Introducing the Online Learning Platform – Thinkific’
  • 30 days access to this purchased online and on demand workshop from purchase date
  • Certificate of participation for any 100% completed workshop
  • Access to our community forum on Thinkific, ‘CERES School of Nature and Climate Learner Community’

Terms and Conditions

Our booking and refund policies, concession pricing information, FAQs, as well as other general terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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