Nature Journalling (Online and on-demand course)

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Connect with place through Nature Journalling

This Online and On-demand Course takes 10 to 12 hours of self-directed learning.

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from $105 | 10-12 hrs

Nature Journalling takes you on a journey, learning about local places through the practice of sit spots, and builds your connection to nature as you capture your findings and noticings along the way.

This course includes tangible skills, art activities, and instructional videos covering a wide range of nature journalling topics and techniques. You get to develop and explore your skills with paints, watercolour pencils and colour pencils, and more as you observe and record your surroundings to create your own nature journal.

Here are the chapter titles for this course.

1. Beginning Nature Journalling
2. Sit Spots
3. Natural History and Observations
4. Mapping
5. Words and Stories
6. Birds and Plants
7. Weather Skyscapes
8. Landscapes
Farewell and Fare Well

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What you will get

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