Natural Plant Dyeing

Discover nature’s hidden sources of colour using millennia-old eco dyeing techniques.

First time natural dyeing? Or more experienced? You’ll learn plenty of skills to inspire you in this workshop.
In this workshop we will –
  • Connect to nature at CERES. Wow, how special!
  • Discover the colours of native foliage and barks, everyday garden plants and weeds, and compost.
  • Experiment with these materials and see what colours reveal themselves.
  • Find out what makes natural dyes stick to fabric, and mordants such as iron and alum experience a few different dyeing techniques.
  • Be inspired by the possibilities of nature’s palette and the results of diverse experiments in one group of people

Course details

Sat 15th Jul or
10am – 1pm

Sat 7th Oct or
10am – 1pm

Sat 9th Dec
10am – 1pm

CERES Brunswick, corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East, Victoria

Concession available

Annie Bolitho is a writer and artist who is inspired by transience, change and play. She works with materials found on the lands of Naarm. Her versatile art projects, natural pigment and small book workshops find a place wherever people gather – in libraries, gardens, community centres, in parks and on the banks of rivers. Annie has a professional background in climate and sustainability, and in the field of sustainable end of life practices..

What will I learn?

  • Best care of plants when foraging.
  • Health and safety basics when working with natural dyes and mordants.
  • Approaches to mordanting on different fabric types.
  • Upcycling, and projects that are nudging fashion towards natural dyes.
  • Working toward zero waste by re-using food waste as dye, and plastics in natural dye practice
  • The power of collaboration with nature.

What will I take away?

  • Handouts
  • Your own unique dyed fabric creation

What should I bring?

  • Foliage, food waste, flowers – lots provided and we’ll all share.
  • A small, wet, pale colour fabric or garment you want to dye in a natural fabric i.e cotton, linen, wool. Rayon can work also. There will be a bag to pull pieces out of available as well.
  • Ice-cream container and bag or bucket to take wet stuff home.

What should I wear?

  • Casual, comfortable clothing
  • Closed shoes
  • Apron if you wish

Terms and conditions

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