Home Brewing

Learn the principles, art and craft of home brewing tasty beer.

Two people are involved in home brewing beer

Workshop details

This five-hour workshop will run on the following dates in 2023

Sat 29 Jul or
10am – 2.30pm

Sat 28 Oct
10am – 2.30pm

Concession available

This home brewing workshop offers a practical demonstration of full-grain brewing techniques for those keen to explore the ancient art of brewing beer.

During the workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Ingredients – including malt, hops, yeast and water
  • Equipment
  • Brewing theory
  • Brewing process – including mashing, lautering, boiling, sanitation, fermentation and packaging

And of course there’ll be samples available for tasting.

Matt Collinson is a BJCP registered Judge, Current Employee and Manager at the Grain and Grape. He has won several State and National competitions. An avid Home Brewer with over 12 years brewing experience with Extract and All grain brewing Systems.

What will I learn?

  • How to make your own beer
  • Full-grain brewing principles
  • The fermentation process

What will I take away?

  • Samples of different beers
  • Recipes

What should I bring?

  • Notepad and writing material

What should I wear?

  • Casual clothing

Anything else I should know?

  • Beer tasting is NOT suitable for coeliacs or those on a high FODMAP diet

Terms and conditions

Our booking and refund policies, concession pricing information, FAQs, as well as other general terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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