Farming For Our Future – Incursion

Join our expert educators and explore how we can all (young and old!) contribute to growing a sustainable food system. Discover the world living under our feet and how growing our own food can connect us to a healthy self, community and planet.

Program details

Year Level
Years F – 6

Min. 2 sessions at $310 each
Additional sessions $250 each
+ booking fee
(Max. 4 sessions per day)

Our educators will guide students through problem solving and action planning to create change within their school community and explore solutions to increase local food production at school or home.

Key questions for students to consider:

F-Y2 What role do worms and mini-beasts play in our soils? What would our planet look like without them? How does a seed turn into a plant?

Y3-6 What role does soil pay in sustainable farming practices? How can we improve soil health on our farms, and in our schools?

Through this interactive incursion your students will:

Years F-2

  • Meet and greet a worm and discover the vital role they play in creating healthy, nutrient rich soil
  • Learn about the life cycle of a plant through mindful seed yoga movements
  • Get hands dirty whilst learning the skill of sowing and caring for seeds – perfect opportunity to bulk up an edible school garden

Years 3 – 6

  • Discover the importance of healthy soil and why it’s the foundation of sustainable farming practices
  • Explore the life within the soil including worms and decomposers and how they form the soil food web
  • Get your hand dirty whilst learning the skill of sowing and caring for seeds – perfect opportunity to improve the soil quality in your school garden

You’ll receive a school teacher guide, including instructions for optional activities to do before and after the CERES incursion to get your students thinking, discussing and actively contributing to a world that is environmentally sustainable for all living creatures.

Years F – 2

  • Understand how to grow food sustainably and the meaning of ‘organic’ in regards to farming
  • Students discuss the relationship between farming and the environment, and how CERES Honey Lane Farm benefits nature
  • Students investigate how living thins grow and change using plants as an example

Years 3 – 6

  • Students understand different ways of farming and why different methods of farming can support or hinder natural cycles
  • Students identify the role that soil plays in the growing of plants and why supporting healthy soil helps support local food systems
  • Students will explore the steps needed to bring life to and care for seeds

This program links to curriculum areas of:
Science, Geography, English, Civics & Citizenship

Monday – Friday during term time.

Use the activities in the Teaching Guide below to spark students’ curiosity before our visit and add value to your experience with CERES. It’s also designed to deepen students’ learning back at school.

Foundation to Year 2 Teaching Guide
Years 3 to 6 Teaching Guide

Watch the following video to understand what CERES is all about and to get you and your students excited about our visit!

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