DIY Mushrooms

Learn the secrets to successful oyster growing at home.

Large oyster mushrooms

Ever wanted to grow your own mushrooms? In this hands-on introductory workshop you will learn the secrets to successfully growing oyster mushrooms at home.

This practical session will include the use of alcohol for sterilisation so bring along latex gloves if you want to avoid pure alcohol on your hands.

In this hands-on introductory workshop, you will learn:

  • The secrets to successfully growing oyster mushrooms at home
  • Inoculation, sterilisation and basic mycology
  • How to start master cultures

Course details

Sat 25th Mar or
10am – 4pm

Sat 3rd Jun or
10am – 4pm

Sun 20th Aug or
10am – 4pm

Sun 22nd Oct or
10am – 4pm

Sat 9th Dec
10am – 4pm

CERES Brunswick, corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East, Victoria

Concession available

Buttons is the sole farmer at The Mushroomery, a micro mushroom farm she started in her backyard. The little farm has now grown to a few shipping containers in Alphington. Buttons supplies restaurants, farmers’ markets, box schemes and has her own CSA. She is influenced by the ethics and principles of permaculture and is working on closing multiple loops of waste within her farm.

Buttons is a keen believer in maximising marginal land in the city with urban agriculture. Being a massive foodie she is keen on making farming more visible in the city to create better understanding around food within the urban bubble.

Buttons is a weird and wacky lady with roots in performance and costume design. She has been making a transition from fashion to farming in the last five years and hopes that in the future she will be able to delve further into the research of mycological fabrics. She believes that mycelium can help solve a multitude of problems facing Mother Earth today.

What will I learn?

  • The skills and knowledge to grow your own oyster mushrooms at home.

What will I take away?

  • An oyster mushroom kit and an oyster mushroom agar culture.

What should I bring?

  • A very clean recycled 2L-10L bucket with a lid that you are not attached to and are willing to cut holes into (you will need this if you plan to take a kit home)
  • Gloves (to avoid contaminating your culture)
  • Notepad and pen

What should I wear?

  • Very clean clothing and clean footwear suitable for a muddy landscape

Terms and conditions

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