Professional learning workshops for educators

Our dynamic and engaging educators run workshops to assist with professional learning and sustainability.

Our workshops are suitable for centres, TEN meetings, community and business workshops, and events. These sessions are informative, empowering and include hands-on activities that can be used in early childhood centres.

Please note – These workshops are available for group bookings only.

This workshop introduces the elements of Education for sustainability – Heart, Head, Hands.

Find out how to engage children and have some fun with hands-on activities. Learn what other centres are doing to reduce their impact on the Earth. There will also be time to think about opportunities to enhance the sustainability programs at your centre and create a sustainability snapshot.

Explore the 5 Rs and how to minimise waste at your centre. Enjoy an interactive presentation highlighting the latest waste issues followed by an opportunity to learn some local solutions to implement as part of daily practices and teaching and learning.

Discover the current issues associated with water and how water saving initiatives can be introduced into your centre. Learn why conserving water is essential to all life on our planet and what hands-on activities can increase the knowledge and empowerment of the children at your centre.

Learn about the concept of ‘energy’, the different forms and energy transformations, and how these can be introduced through play at your centre.

Explore electricity, how we can conserve it and ways in which we can minimise our carbon footprint. Understand the theory of climate change and what you can do at your centre.

Developing a heart connection to nature in the formative years is imperative to raising empowered and active citizens. Learn how to introduce nature play and other biodiversity based activities into your centre whilst building habitat for local flora and fauna.

Climate change is a pressing issue facing all walks of life, and the children at your centre probably have questions about it. It’s not, however, the easiest issue to explain. Learn about the current science and the strategies to talk to young children to help empower them to understand not only what climate change is all about – but also what they can do to help.

Developing a heart connection to nature in the formative years is imperative to raising empowered and active citizens. In addition, there are many studies highlighting its benefits to children’s mental health, development and critical learning.

Through this online webinar learn about the benefits of Nature Play, how to introduce a nature play/connection program and some nature immersion activities to help you introduce nature play at your service/school.

Please contact us at with your topic and we’ll be in touch to discuss.

Workshop details

Up to 2 hours

$1200 + gst

At your location, onsite at CERES
(will incur a room hire fee) or online

Minimum of 5 people per group booking.

ResourceSmart in Early Childhood program

Consider joining the ResourceSmart in Early Childhood program, an adapted version of ResourceSmart Schools we deliver to help early learning centres embed sustainable practices into their service operations in order to meet National Quality Standard 3.2.3.

Online and On Demand Workshops

CERES School of Nature and Climates’ online and on-demand workshops provide education for you to grow your professional learning and development at your own time, place and pace.