It was great to spend the day with the new school Principals and their staff at CERES. We had an action packed day including participating in the CERESly Amazing race around the 4.5 hectare park.

This race is a learning engagement tool we’ve developed and use in teacher professional learning. It’s a great way to share our sustainability curriculum activities through experiential learning and learning in nature. Hands-on learning is at the heart of CERES education framework and this approach is backed by growing evidence that learning is about making connections.

We are developing an amazing race template for schools to showcase their sustainability through a game-based approach. This can be incorporated into peer-peer student learning or for prospective families.

Another outdoor part of the workshop was a tour of Honey Lane food systems and energy efficiencies. Through our demonstration site for sustainability applications we are able to provide education and training in sustainability for environmental, social and financial benefits.

Back indoors we ran sessions on getting started in ResourceSmart Schools, and sustainability teams, curriculum and the SEMP as key in a whole-of-school approach. We shared curriculum resources and captured information from each school on the support needed for setting up an environmental education program. And with the school plans laid out, we discussed ways to create educational learnscapes through productive gardens.

We really enjoyed spending the day with the Principals and staff of these new schools and look forward to supporting them to make substantive reductions in resource use, and educate students, staff and the school community in more sustainable ways of living.

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