Naranga School share energy saving tips

Naranga School share energy saving tips

The second winner of our recent Energy Challenge, Naranga School, is a specialist school catering for the specific needs of children aged between 5 and 18 who have an intellectual disability. Naranga School, also working through the ResourceSmart Schools program, have implemented many ways to save energy while taking part in the challenge, and share their tips here.

1. How did participating in the energy campaign positively impact your school?

As a school community, we practiced each day to be more efficient in our energy use. Classes were monitoring their energy use and finding ways to reduce energy use by relying on natural light, opening windows or putting on extra clothing instead of increasing the temperature.

2. How much of your energy reduction success is due to student involvement?

Students put into practice what they have learnt about saving energy during Sustainability sessions. Making a class poster and displaying it in a prominent place, helps to highlight positive practices to reduce energy.
Since the Energy campaign, energy monitors or Power Rangers have been chosen in classrooms to turn off lighting when the class leave the room during break or transition times.
Regular student announcements before the end of the day, to turn off devices, lighting and heating / air conditioning and now air purifiers has enabled staff and classes to develop good habits.

3. What is your next energy reduction goal?

Install a timer system on communal equipment such as charging stations for computers.
Looking at energy efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption in the Home Economics room and Trade Kitchen.

4. What is your advice for other schools struggling with high energy use?

Focus attention on one action at a time. Take the time to model the desired action and practice it with students in classes. Promote the action using visuals, science videos and songs or student voice. Start to educate one area of the school then extend this to the rest of the school. Celebrate and recognise individual students or classes practicing energy saving actions during whole school assembly. Raise awareness through the school community and school council of the money saved and how it can be put back into programs. This will encourage other groups to get on board. As staff and students become aware of the impact of their actions on the school environment and beyond, they will take responsibility and demonstrate positive practices at school and home.

Thank you Naranga School for sharing your energy story!

Learn more by visiting the Naranga School website.

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