Introducing CERES School of Nature and Climate

CERES School of Nature and Climate is an evolution of our education programs into a focused response to the climate and ecological crisis we are facing.

We are responding to our changing times and emerging dimensions of sustainability by expanding our programs into areas that are now critical for learning; areas based on demand, emerging industry trends and community consultation.

We aim to continuously improve everything we currently deliver, explore new learning opportunities and to ensure that our education programs are designed with intention and impact to be inclusive, regenerative, life-changing and leading for all learners. The values embedded in all program areas are vital for developing the level of leadership and resilience that will be needed in the coming decade.

CERES Education has been delivering sustainability education to children and adults for almost four decades, teaching school students and the community about climate change and environmental challenges before many people understood the science or believed they would be impacted in their lifetimes. In the climate justice movement, students have been leading on climate action and it is our role to help give them knowledge and skills to make changes to their lives, communities and the systems that govern us.

We strive to equip people to think differently, act for the planet and be resilient and responsive citizens. We will continue to deliver on this through connecting to the learners’ hearts, sharing knowledge to get them to use their heads, and providing applied skills they can implement with their hands.

On December 11 we launched this CERES School of Nature and Climate website (formerly the Sustainability Hub), and in the coming months, you will start to see gradual changes to our social media accounts, communications, and collateral to reflect this evolution and rebrand.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last forty years, and we look forward to working together in educating, learning and encompassing CERES’ vision together, ‘to fall in love with the Earth again’.

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