Step 1: Log in
Step 2: As soon as you log in, you will see a call to action link on the right hand side of the page – ‘Upload a resource’ , ‘Upload a Project’. However, this link should only be used for members who only belong to one blog page. If this works for you, go straight to Step 4.

For members belonging to more than one blog page, click on the “My Dashboard” tab along the top to bring down the panel of clickable icons.

Step 3: The site will need to know which blog page you would like to post your resource or project to. Specify which one by hovering over the ‘Upload a Resource’ or ‘Upload a Project’ icon to bring up a list of the blog pages you belong to, and select one.

Resource upload - Hover over upload a resource for pages

Step 4: Depending on whether you are uploading a project or a resource, you’ll be directed to the ‘Upload Article’ or ‘Create a Post’ page, respectively. If you are uploading a resource, click on the icon which represents the resource you’d like to share

Article/File – for articles or if you’d like to attach a file to share
Image/s – for sharing your photos and images. Upload a few to create an image gallery
Video – only supports YouTube videos. If your video is from another website (e.g. vimeo), please use the ‘Article/File’ option and share the video by including the link.
Link – for sharing cool websites

Step 5: After you fill out the necessary fields, click on the “Post” button to be brought back to the blog page. You will see a message to confirm that your upload was successful. If you are not the Administrator of the blog page, your post will be authorised before it appears on the blog page.

… And that’s how you upload to the Sustainability Hub!