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Intro to Social Enterprise – Working for a Purpose

By unknown | February 22, 2023

Understand business models and skills that aim to tackle social problems, improve communities, benefit the environment and provide people with access to employment and training. | Mar | $895* | 8 weeks | *ACFE subsidised places available.

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Green Gap Year

By unknown | November 18, 2022

Green Gap Year is a seven-month program designed to connect you to a green career | Starts Feb 24 | 7 months

Mapuru Weaving and Living on Country

By unknown | September 8, 2022

Visit the remote community of Mäpuru in East Arnhem Land to learn about Yolngu culture from Indigenous leaders passing on traditional skills and knowledge in basket weaving and bush survival. | $2610 or $3090 | 10 or 12 days

Our Energy Journey

By Cornish College | April 7, 2022

As part of working on our ResourceSmart Energy module, the Cornish College Sustainability Action Team has decided to complete an energy audit for the school. This is to understand where […]

Clean Up Cornish

By Cornish College | March 31, 2022

On Friday March 4th we participated in Clean Up Cornish Day as part of the Clean Up Australia Initiative. Each class spent some time, out on County at Cornish cleaning […]

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By Our Lady of Fatima, Rosebud | March 26, 2022

Students found joy and developed their creative thinking skills by using and up-cycling materials from hard rubbish, op shops and recycled items from school families. Their fantasy keys taught the […]


By Our Lady of Fatima, Rosebud | March 10, 2022

For World Book Day our students brought along pre loved books in great condition to share with less advantaged communities. Pictured is Charlotte with the books collected from our families. […]

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Our Energy Story

By Barton Primary School | December 8, 2021

Barton Primary School 2021 Learning Story In 2020, we focused on completing our Energy module, and in 2021 have been working towards achieving our 4th star. Prior to completing the […]

Nest Boxes at KPS

By Kunyung Primary School | November 29, 2021

With the recent storms unfortunately our school has lost some of its large eucalyptus trees. These trees are very important to the biodiversity of the local community and support a […]

Sensory Garden

By Watsonia North Primary School | November 15, 2021

In 2020 and 2021, we have been focussing on completing both the biodiversity module, and have been working towards achieving our second star. Prior to completing the Biodiversity module the […]

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Improving our Biodiversity

By Hamlyn Views School | October 27, 2021

In 2021, we have been focussing on completing both the biodiversity module, and have been working towards achieving our third star. Prior to completing the biodiversity module, the school’s biodiversity […]

2020 Annual Report

By Kunyung Primary School | September 9, 2021

With the recent addition of our last water bill, our ResourceSmart Schools facilitator was able to generate our 2020 Annual Report. Exciting news is that we are below the guidelines […]


By Wheelers Hill Primary School | September 3, 2021

In January, WHPS began composting our food waste. We have used compost tumblers as well as green waste council bins. Our tumblers filled up quite quickly and are nearly ready […]

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Window Webhosting for ASP NET MVC .NET sites

By unknown | August 11, 2021

When it comes to the availability of web hosting services, Windows hosting occupies a significant position among web hosting options. Let us concisely get you familiar with Windows hosting and […]

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Water Learning Story

By Aitken College | August 4, 2021

In 2021, we have been focusing on completing both the water module and have been working towards achieving our 4th star. Prior to completing the water module, a snapshot of […]

Water Audit

By Banyule Primary School | May 5, 2021

Today our Grade 3/4 Sustainability Leaders completed a water audit around our school. They were checking to see if we have any leaks or any issues with our drink fountains, […]

Waste Audit

By Banyule Primary School | May 5, 2021

Today our Sustainability leaders took part in a waste audit to see how our classes were going with our 4 bin system. We looked through the class bins to check […]

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Water Learning Story

By Hamlyn Views School | March 29, 2021

In 2020 and 2021, we have been focussing on completing both the Water module, and have been working towards achieving our second star. Prior to completing the water module, the […]

Waste Streams

By Wheelers Hill Primary School | February 25, 2021

Heading into 2021 WHPS are focusing on streaming and of course reducing waste in our school. Each classroom has a pod of waste streams including: paper co-mingle recycling compost soft […]

Zero Waste and Circular Systems

By unknown | December 10, 2020

Learn how CERES communicates about zero waste & circular systems. Design your own environmental education activity | Aug | $150* | 6 hrs

Global Perspectives

Environmental Education – Inspire Change

By unknown | December 9, 2020

Designed for anyone interested in creating change for sustainability through education and communication using hope, not fear. | Jul | $840* | 8 weeks | *ACFE subsidised places available.

Our Waste Journey

By Strathaird Primary School | December 3, 2020

Our Waste Learning Story Where we started At Strathaird Primary School we have developed a wide range of strategies to reduce waste. Despite implementing and running measures well, and seeing […]

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

By unknown | December 2, 2020

The CERES Permaculture Design Course will equip you to design regenerative and productive landscapes, communities and households | Feb | $2200* | 100 hours

Urban farm

Complete Urban Farmer

By unknown | December 1, 2020

An introduction to the world of urban farming – a perfect portal to your own patch | Coming in 2024 | $1150* | 14 weeks | *ACFE subsidised places available.

Landscape Restoration and Indigenous Ecology

By unknown | December 1, 2020

Develop an understanding of ecology and conservation in urban environments and benefit from a real connection to place | Mar, Oct | $975* | 8 weeks | *ACFE subsidised places available.

The Herbal Apprentice

By unknown | December 1, 2020

An in-depth learning experience exploring eco-systemic health through herbal practice | coming in 2024 | $950* | 8 weeks

Sustainable Gardening

By unknown | December 1, 2020

Improve your skills and get your hands dirty with our practical sustainable gardening course | Apr, Oct | $650* | 8 weeks | *ACFE subsidised places available.

Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture

By unknown | December 1, 2020

Learn to design garden-based activities that support the physical, mental and social health of individuals. | Mar, May, Jul, Oct | $900* | 8 weeks | *ACFE subsidised places available.

Nature Based Leadership Training

Nature-Based Leadership Training

By unknown | December 1, 2020

An Australian first, this immersive, nature-based leadership program aims to create Earth-based leadership and resilience | from $6,500 | 10 months

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Energy Learning Story

By Banyule Primary School | November 30, 2020

BPS – Energy Learning Story Banyule Primary School had 12 solar panels installed on our BER building in November of 2019. The school received these solar panels from winning ‘Resource […]

Term 2 recap

By Kunyung Primary School | September 22, 2020

Hello everyone, it’s the I sea, I care team here! This term has been quite complicated, but we still managed to learn and complete workshops online. We also had online […]

How to Make Pillow Boxes at Home?

By unknown | August 7, 2020

Pillow shaped packaging boxes are beautiful and elegant. They can serve as a style statement for you. These types of boxes are exactly like pillow-shaped and have an opening on […]


By Kunyung Primary School | July 27, 2020

Hello Sustainability Community, It is with great excitement that I can officially announce that Kunyung Primary School is now a 2 STAR ResourceSmart School. Our 2nd Star (Biodiversity) was a […]

Water Conservation

By St. Raphael’s School | June 23, 2020

Water conservation St Raphael’s Primary School is constantly evolving as we make way for better facilities for our students. The introduction of the new chill out zone outside the Foundation […]

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2019 E&S Yearbook

By Kambrya Secondary College | April 30, 2020

In 2019, the Environment and Sustainability committee have been working hard toward our goals and we’ve developed and participated in so many initiatives that have assisted in developing our knowledge […]

Soft Plastics

By Wheelers Hill Primary School | April 30, 2020

This week we have introduced Soft Plastics to our Sustainability practices at Wheelers Hill. Each classroom now has a blue bucket which children can use for Soft Plastics instead of […]

Water Learning Story

By Banyule Primary School | March 3, 2020

School Water Learning Story This year we have been focusing on making our overall water consumption less, by raising awareness throughout our school community of simple and easy ways to […]

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Waste Learning Story

By Aurora School | February 18, 2020

Waste Learning Story 2020. Our term focus has been on “Waste materials” to help renew our Waste Module. We have looked at reducing, recycling and rethinking how we can re-use […]

Bee Day

By Kunyung Primary School | December 10, 2019

????????????????? Thank you to everyone for supporting Bee Day yesterday! Thank you to all our wonderful students and parents for finding amazing outfits and costumes to wear for Bee Day. […]

Biodiversity Learning Story

By Aurora School | December 4, 2019

In 2019, we have been focussing on completing the biodiversity module, and have been working towards achieving our 4 star. The school has always had a strong focus on biodiversity […]

Nude Food

By Newlands Preschool | November 26, 2019

We returned to kindergarten in Term 3 in the middle of July. Families were informed of our quest to make some changes to our children’s lunch boxes. Let’s ditch the […]

Recycle Hub

By St. Monica’s College | November 12, 2019

At St Monica’s College, we have set up Recycle Hub’s in the library at each campus. We encourage our College community to keep these items out of landfill and let […]

Waste Warriors

By Harvest Home Primary School | November 12, 2019

Harvest Home Primary School Waste Learning Story Students at HHPS have become experts at waste! The student leaders have been spreading an important message about waste and ensuring students use […]

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Biodiversity Learning Story

By Aitken College | October 21, 2019

In the second half of 2019, students at Aitken College were very busy planting trees as part of the national ‘Schools Tree Day’ event and revegetating the land surrounding Brodies […]

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Year 9 Energy Audit

By Aitken College | October 21, 2019

In September 2019, a group of Year 9 students were responsible for conducting an energy audit at Aitken College. This was completed to fulfil our obligations as part of the […]

Waste Audit

By Warrnambool SDS | October 14, 2019

In September students and staff from across the school got together with Natasha Mills our regional facilitator to undertake a Waste Audit. Once the bins were emptied students set to […]

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Renewing Our Energy Star

By Mentone Primary School | October 11, 2019

Sustainability students have been working towards renewing our Resource Smart Energy star over the past term. Some of the tasks which have been completed were: Researching various types of renewable […]

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ResourceSmart Achievements

By Eastern Ranges School | September 10, 2019

ResourceSmart Schools Achievements In the last year, ResourceSmart Schools have collectively achieved the following: Planted more than 40,000 plants Saved 11,000 tonnes of greenhouse emissions from being released in the […]

Here comes the sun!

By Barton Primary School | August 29, 2019

In Enviro we have been continuing our discovery of energy sources. We are enjoying learning about where our energy comes from and how to use it sustainably. We have experimented […]

Lids for Kids

By Warrnambool SDS | August 26, 2019

WEBB PATROL WEBB Patrol students have been very busy collecting plastic bottle tops for recycling. Please save all of your plastic bottle tops and bring them along to school for […]

Frog Pond

By Portland North Primary School | August 22, 2019

Over semester one students began researching and constructing a new frog pond. Well they built it and they have come!!! We now have a pond brimming with tadpoles and native […]

Lids Collection Off To A Flying Start!

By unknown | August 20, 2019

Well, we have started off with a bang! This week we began collecting washed flat milk bottle, soft drink and water tops. These will be delivered to Envision who will […]

“Swale in Action “

By Meadows Primary | July 24, 2019

What a lovely sight , water in the Swale . Students are currently planting further Local Indigenous Plants along the Swale . We are creating future habitats for our local […]

Meadows PS – Our story

By Meadows Primary | July 24, 2019

The brand new campus of Meadows PS opened in 2010 as two merged schools came together- Meadowbank PS and Campmeadows PS. Meadowbank was already a five star sustainable school before […]

Reduce Reuse Recycle

By Newlands Preschool | July 2, 2019

We introduced some new recycling bins in the curriculum. We discussed what items can be placed in these bins (paper, cardboard, scraps of paper, empty boxes and cartons) Children have […]

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By unknown | June 20, 2019

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What is Lorem Ipsum?

By unknown | June 20, 2019

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Clean Up Australia Day

By Livingstone Primary School | April 3, 2019

On Friday the 8th of March, the Livingstone Primary School community, including students, teachers and parents were actively involved in the environmental nationwide event, ‘Clean Up Australia Day’. The event […]

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Aurora School Energy Story

By Aurora School | December 14, 2018

Aurora School Energy Module Learning Story Aurora School is a school for Deaf and Deafblind students. Since 2016 we have been working hard towards completing our energy module. It has […]

Newsletter_Term 4

By Harvest Home Primary School | December 6, 2018

Term 4 Newsletter Celebrations of learning Term 4: Students of Harvest home Primary have been busy exploring junior chemistry this term. Foundation :Learning about different matters and materials, building and […]

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Our War on Waste

By Frankston Primary School | November 27, 2018

During National Recycling Week we had several activities to highlight the importance of recycling our waste, especially as our school is in a unique marine environment. Students participated in an […]

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Waste Update 2018

By Aitken College | November 19, 2018

Aitken Newsletter Environmental Programs report on recent progress in relation to waste minimisation and increased recycling at the college: Environmental Programs Newsletter Article May 2018 Last year, external co-mingled recycle […]

“Swale Away”

By Meadows Primary | November 1, 2018

The Swale in the Community Garden takes the water runoff from the Staff carpark, filters and recycles the water naturally. What an important job the Swale has!

Solar Buddy

By Auburn South Primary School | October 26, 2018

Stella & Emma started a project about Solar Buddies which took over a year to complete. Solar Buddy is a not-for-profit organization that helps people that don’t have access to […]

Newspaper Recycling

By Padua College | October 22, 2018

SUSTAINABILITY and CONNECTING WITH THE COMMUNITY As part of Padua College’s goal to be more sustainable Mannix 4 has been volunteering their time to collect old staff newspapers and bundle […]

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Waste Warriors

By St Joseph’s Chelsea | September 28, 2018

The war on waste has began at St Joseph’s! We have worked tirelessly to develop better habts with our students, parents and teachers by revamping our waste plan and expectations. […]

Tree Survey

By Kunyung Primary School | September 9, 2018

Last Friday the grade 6 I sea, I care ambassadors and myself conducted a tree survey for our annual Habitat Quality Assessment Score. It was a lovely day and the […]

Waste Not Want Not

By Moolap Primary School | June 29, 2018

School Name: Moolap Primary School Date: May 2017 Authors: Year 5/6 ECOLeaders Number of people involved: 114 When did this story start? This story started after our waste audit in […]

Recycle With Mondo has gone international!

By SCRgroup | June 26, 2018

SCRgroup’s program just went international! In April 2018, SCRgroup launched Recycle With Mondo internationally to schools in Malaysia with amazing success. SCRgroup will continue to provide FREE education to schools […]

Landcare Grant

By Hamlyn Views School | June 15, 2018

We were successful in receiving a $1000 grant from Landcare Australia to be able to add vegetable and fruit plants to our garden beds. Project will begin in Term 3 […]

My Space 2018

By Wooranna Park Primary School | May 10, 2018

So liberating removing tables. Students are free to explore and interact with what matters. Draw, write, photograph or video anything and anywhere using any hard surface available. This year we […]

Timed Energy Use

By Wooranna Park Primary School | May 5, 2018

A recent purchase of 20 timers aims to reduce wasted energy. As behaviour change is difficult without experiencing immediate negative or positive responses such as money saving or intrinsic satisfaction, […]

Three Buckets

By Olympic Village Preschool | April 24, 2018

Since starting kinder this year, the children have been learning about the 3 types of buckets that we have on the lunch table. The yellow is for recyclable material The […]